Hire Road Professional Services have helped companies across the globe implement best practices across their talent acquisition process, tools, and strategies. 

HRBP Process

We have helped dozens of companies, across a diverse portfolio of industries, implement and/or more effectively leverage the ATS suite of tools and products to maximize the process for hiring up to 10,000 people annually.



Implementing a new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can be a daunting task and one that many companies fail to maximize the capabilities of. The ATS is such a powerful tool of within the suite of offered products. We have helped dozens of companies keep their Talent Acquisition Teams working in the business, while we focus on customizing the ATS to your company's recruitment process and maximizing the optimal output of the team.





Discovery Event


We have worked with a variety of organizations that have already implemented the ATS product and want to maximize the output, improve process or reporting or add products offered by the ATS. To put it simply, we will audit your current utilization of the ATS and recommend best practices to leverage the tool more effectively for your team.






A common issue we hear from clients is that they can't produce the data they need to effectively understand the business or report to leadership from their ATS. We offer some of the best reporting capabilities of any ATS tools available. We help our clients maximize the technology by customizing the tool and building out exportable reporting templates that are specific and easy to understand.





We have built and provided customized training modules, guides, interactive training, and curriculum for many different companies that leverage the ATS. Many of our clients prefer the training to be conducted by a third party, as it provides a secondary voice to best practice utilization of the tool and other related recruitment processes.





Talent Acquisition Best Practices


Outside of the utilization of the ATS products, we work with many companies on talent acquisition best practices across process, data analytics, time to hire, recruiter allocation and optimization, recruiter right-sizing, training, utilization of staffing, and other third party related tools, and many more areas. 

What are your problem areas? We are confident we can help.  

Making a company stronger than the sum of its parts is what we do best, and we are driven to help your business succeed. Our process is comprehensive and includes monitoring of the HR market, easy-to-digest information, and locating the best possible output for your company.

The staffing industry is competitive, but our team will keep you involved in every step of the hands-on process.

Executive Leadership Consultation


Hire Road provides Executive Leadership and Consulting services in the following areas:


  • Talent acquisition process review,
    recommendation and rollout
  • Executive leadership and development coaching
  • Employees assessment and testing
  • Hiring manager coaching & development
  • Employer brand enhancement & execution
  • Candidate experience program development
  • College recruitment programs and strategy
  • College intern program staffing and development
  • Vendor management / selection service
  • Contract negotiation
  • Employee referral program development
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