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Mike Mumford

Mike Mumford leads Hire Road with an entrepreneurial spirit and a collaborative approach that challenges each employee to innovate in order to find success. He encourages autonomy, creativity, opportunistic vigilance and independent thinking across the board. It was his own independent thinking that led him to start Hire Road in 2013.

Mike envisions Hire Road as a lean, outside-the-mold, transformational business. Striving to make Hire Road the best it can be, Mike believes healthy internal competition leads to the best results for clients. Together with his leadership partners, Mike leads Hire Road by fusing the strengths of a strategic consulting firm with the power and depth of a best-in-class recruiting and talent acquisition organization to reach clients’ goals. If you put good into something, you get good out—and hiring is no different.

Prior to starting Hire Road, Mike was an Executive Business and Leadership Coach, a partner in a leading social media-based customer relationship management company and an executive leader in one of the world’s largest staffing companies. His experience working with customers first-hand helped him grow an immense understanding of what his clients need to succeed.

Mike has more than 25 years of diverse entrepreneurial experience that is more than just work he’s done. He has consistently demonstrated his ability to connect people and organizations and help them strategically enter new markets, grow market share, master talent management and ensure sustainable success. Mike's extensive experience in attracting, training, and retaining high performance people has driven his success and helped him foster meaningful relationships.

Mike is passionate about giving back to important causes and impacting the community positively. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Kali's Cure for Paralysis Foundation. Mike is an avid outdoorsman and loves to golf. He especially likes to spend time with his wife and four children.

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